3 Common Reasons Why Your Car’s A/C Might Not Be Working

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It’s no fun being stuck without air conditioning on a hot summer day. You must get it serviced for your own safety. A/C is more than just comfort, it’s a safety issue too. So if your vehicle’s A/C is only kicking out hot air, you should take steps immediately to get the problem fixed.

Most common car AC issues are:

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Bad compressor
  • Electrical issues
  • Faulty cooling fans
  • Blocked/clogged condenser
  • Broken condenser

Problem: No Cold Air from A/C

This issue is caused by a refrigerant leak. Your A/C’s components rely heavily on the refrigerant to cool the vehicle. Without sufficient refrigerant, other AC components won’t be able to function. Unlike an oil leak, refrigerant leaks are difficult to identify.

Solution: An expert technician will help is needed, he will check for damage, blockages, failure and replace them with necessary components.

Problem: Air Conditioning Goes from Cold to Hot

Problem: Car AC Makes Noise When Turned On
If your car is making a noise that wasn’t there before could be a sign of problem in car air condition. One of the reason might be leaves or other road debris blocking the unit and producing all sorts of unusual noises. It could also indicate a major component failure.

Solution: Even after the noise if you Continue to use your AC, makes things worse. Take your vehicle to a trusted technician for inspection. He will suggest a possible solution and replace the damaged components.

Air Conditioning system is comprised of many components including a compressor that is driven by the engine, we can just tell the problem by looking at it. We need an expert opinion for car ac problems as it leads to major component failure.

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