80 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Tricks Everyone Should Know

Top best keyboard shortcuts

80 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks You Should Know

You might have seen many people using a computer without touching Mouse. Have you ever wonder how quickly they are doing things on their fingertips. It’s because they know most of the keyboard shortcuts which they need in their day to day life. Don’t worry you can be one of them. Here we have collected the Top Best Keyboard Shortcuts for everyone. Use the keyboard shortcut techniques to complete your task quickly.

Do you use a computer every day to finish your tasks?. trying to multitask but not getting enough results. To make your work easy, learn how to use your computer fast by using Microsoft keyboard shortcuts.

There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts that you can use when working on your computer. Here we have collected Top Best Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts and Browser keyboard shortcuts. Learn How to use Microsoft Office (MS Office) Keyboard Shortcuts with ease. Use Microsoft Excel Keyboard shortcuts to write and edit anything faster.

Keyboard ShortcutsExplanation
Ctrl+AHighlights everything in the web page, document, or folders
Ctrl+C To copy the selected text, image or folders.
Ctrl + V Paste copied text
Ctrl + X Cut text (copy and delete original text
Cut (copy and delete original) text
Alt + Left ArrowBack
Alt + Home Return to Homepage
Home Scroll to top of page
End Scroll to bottom of page
Shift+ SpacebarScroll up
Page Up/ DownScroll Page Up/ down
Spacebar Scroll down
F5 Refresh
Select the address bar
F11 Full screen Mode,
Exit full screen mode
F1Opens Help Page
Text Search on current page
Shift + F3 To Find previous text search results
Ctrl + F Text search on current page
Ctrl + G Find next text result
Ctrl + Shift + G Find previous text result
Ctrl + J Open Downloads Folder
Ctrl + H Open Browsing History
Ctrl + O Open a Local File in Browser
Ctrl + S Download and save current page
Ctrl + P Print current page
Ctrl + Enter Open search term as a website
Ctrl + U View source
Ctrl + E Opens Search box
Ctrl + K Opens Search Box
F12 Open developer tools or Firebug
Shortcuts for Tabs
Ctrl + N Opens a new window
Ctrl + Shift + N New Incognito Window
Ctrl + Tab Switching between Tabs
Ctrl + F4 Closes current tab.
Ctrl + T Opens a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + T Opens a recently closed tab.
Ctrl + (1 to 8) keyOpens Tabs , Tab1, Tab 2 etc.
Alt + F4 Close the entire window
Ctrl + 0
Reset to 100% zoom
Ctrl + Right Click Open link in a new tab
Ctrl + Mousewheel Zoom in our out
Shift + Left click Open link in a new window
Shift + Ctrl + Left click Open link in a new background tab
Ctrl + W
Close the current window.

Ctrl + B
Bold your text

Windows Key + D
Show/hide the desktop.

Windows Key + L
Lock your computer.
Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Windows Key + EOpen File Explorer.

Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + B
Bold your text

Ctrl + U
Underline your text.
Ctrl + L
Left align your paragraph.

Ctrl + I
Italicize your text.

Ctrl + R
Right align your paragraph
Ctrl + E
Center align your paragraph
Ctrl + K
Create a hyperlink.

Ctrl + J
Justify your paragraph.
Launch the Spell Checker.

Shift + F7 Key
Launch the Thesaurus.

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
F2 Key
Edit the active cell.

Ctrl + Space
Highlight the entire column.

Ctrl + D
Fill Down command.
Alt + Enter
When editing a cell, add a line break within the same cell.

Shift + Space
Highlight the entire row.

Ctrl + Tab
Move between open workbooks
Shift + F11
Insert a new worksheet
Ctrl + F2
Open Print Preview
Alt + H, H
Fill Color
Alt + H, B
Add Border
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
F12Display Save As

Keyboard and computer shortcuts are designed to make routine computer functions quicker and easier. The only problem is that many of these keyboard shortcut tricks have gone unnoticed by the average user. By using simple keyboard tricks at the workplace, you can increase your productivity and complete task quickly.

Learn How to use Microsoft Office (MS Office) Keyboard Shortcuts with ease. Use Microsoft Excel Keyboard shortcuts to write and edit anything faster. If you’d like to increase your productivity on the computer, read on to get useful keyboard shortcuts and tricks that you need to know.

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