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talia personal assistant oppo f9 pro

Talia, a Personal Assistant – A Touchpal Keyboard

What is Talia?

Well everyone is new to this name, but it may be a revolution in texting field.

Here we’ll tell you how. Talia, AI keyboard is the future of mobile typing. It is the first keyboard to combine artificial intelligence with a personal assistant generating smarter predictions at your fingertips.

You can type much faster than ever before with Talia.

In short, Talia is a personal assistant for the keyboard during your conversations.

It’ll provide you with suggestions based on the context.

talia personal assitant technology oppo f9 pro

What exactly can Talia do and how it works?

 Imagine your friend texts you to have dinner tomorrow.

—Talia will present you with responses that you can select and send.

if your friend replies  “How about Italian food ?”

— Talia will revive dining recommendations based on the conversation.

Talia Calculation Specification

— you can directly calculate in the chat bar itself which seriously saves a lot of time during conversations.

Talia Smart Conversions

  No need for conversion apps because it will convert currency for you directly from the chat bar.

Talia Weather Forecast

— Talia will keep you informed about the weather as well, so you can plan accordingly.

Talia Swift pace

— the swift pace is another skill that makes a copy and pasting more efficient for contacts etc.

Talia GIFs

— it also predicts Gifs based on the context of conversation which can make conversations more interesting and fun.


Conclusion about Talia:

Talia is compatible with multiple platforms such as text Facebook, messenger, Messenger lite, Viber, KIK, Whatsapp, WeChat and more.


Talia Integrated in OPPO F9 Pro:

Much waited for a phone from the OPPO community, oppo f9 pro has Been launched on August 21, 2018, and will be available in Indian markets from August 31st


This phone features the AI integration in the new and useful way. This phone has as many as 16 AI integrations.

  1. Grass,
  2. Indoor,
  3. Sky,
  4. Food,
  5. Snow,
  6. Sunset,
  7. Night,
  8. Light,
  9. Dog,
  10. Cat,
  11. Portrait,
  12. Baby,
  13. Firework,
  14. Beach,
  15. Scenery &
  16. text.

VOOC Flash Charge :

This phone boasts flash charge, as it takes 5-minute charge and gives 2-hour talk time. This is made possible by VOOC technology and supported by over 500 patents. It uses low voltage and high current charging method.

Oppo F9 Pro Battery:

That been said, F9 pro, with 3500mAh battery capacity it has a long lasting battery life. It uses a smart battery management system for preventing battery drain. It learns users usage patterns and habits thus closing the inactive apps to save power and the user can be a more productive day long.

Oppo F9 Pro Camera :

While we speak about camera OPPO series is worth mentioning. For the first time in F series Dual rear camera is introduced.

Now you can capture your moments that tell the story on their own.

Front camera comes with 25MP and HDR sensor. The result will we beautiful either bright light or low light.

oppo f9 pro price in india

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