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Ambupod Micro Ambulance

Ambupod – Ever imagined a clinic and a ambulance even in a remote village. It is now possible with the all new innovative Ambupod.

It can be described as mobile clinic and micro ambulance.  Created by a well established company LYNK AMBUPOD PVT LIMITED. Dr. Lavanian Dorai Raj MBBS is Inventor & Co-founder of this Ambupod.

Ambupod is a big hit in recent times. Launched its first Ambupod at many fests in India. Pre-Launch at Yashda, Auto Expo 2017 Pune, India Medical Device 2017, Bengaluru, Amrita Pitch Fest 2017 and more. With this Ambupod you can setup a full functioning clinic in less than one hour. Its light weight and specially designed structure helps us lure in between the traffic in cites.


The Ambupod : About Product

  • Ambupod is a fully equipped 3-in-1 mini ambulance which runs 24×7.
  • It is a mobile clinic that runs daily OPD and clinical services based on needs.
  • It is also a Telemedicine Centre that provides any village a quality healthcare on daily basis.
  • The Ambupod is fully equipped with state of the art medical life saving devices.
  • In a short it is Basic Life Saving (BLS) ambulance  that can carry 1 patient and 1 medical staff and can be upgraded to Advanced Life Saving (ALS) ambulance.

Product Capabilities

  • Ambupod is a green (Solar powered) vehicle ergo Eco-friendly.
  • This ALS Ambulance has been engineered to cut across the heavy traffics in the major cities, narrow lanes, road-less villages, hilly regions, etc
  • The Mobility based telemedicine software allows you to share the clinical details of patient such as ECG, O2 saturation and lung function status.
  • It can carry 1 patient and one medical attendant with most of essential medical resources like oxygen, suction, Ambu bag, IV fluids, drugs, a defibrillator(optional).
  • Low cost, low maintenance, and engine delivers 55-65 KM per litre of petrol.
  • Once stationed at a village there is no need to wait for ambulance.
  • It saves money and operational cost by 80%.

Ambupod : services

Key Services:

 1. 24/7 ambulance services

 2. 24/7 ambulance services with basic Life Support

 3. 24/7 ambulance services with Advanced Life Support

 4. Six days a week daily OPD services through telemedicine

  • Ambupod is categorised into BLS and ALS ambulances. In BLS one patient and a medical staff in the pod where as in ALS 1 patient + 1 medical attendant with life-saving devices and diagnostic equipment.
  • As a preventive clinic it covers many villages and render many life saving services like
  1. OPD services 6 days a week
  2. 24×7 ambulance services conditions are applied.
  3. Provides support for family medicine
  • It is a 3 in 1 Mini Ambulance I.e., Ambulance, Mobile Clinic and Telemedicine clinic working 24×7.
  • Huge amount can be saved as no driver required.
  •  Fuel consumption is very low which means money saved.
  • In certain areas, it can be powered by an electric vehicle.

About : Company


India, with a population of 1.2 billion of which 69% are rural, has officially, a doctor-patient ratio of 1:1,700. Factually it is 1:30,000 or worse, in rural India.Shortage or lack of medicines, shortage of doctors, nurses, operational ambulances, callous attitude of staff, corruption, lack of quality, etc are just the tip of the iceberg that are driving villagers to cities in a desperate search for ‘caring’ healthcare….. 

Here is where LYNK Ambupod makes a difference by providing affordable, quality based, medical care and also 24/7 ambulance services at every common mans door step. Ambupod does what government failed to do inspite of it’s efforts by filling gap of medical services in remote areas.


  • Dr. Lavanian Dorai Raj 

 MBBS; Inventor & Co-founder

  • Ms. Yamini Lavanian

 M.A. (Psychology); Co-founder

  • Kameshwari Lavanian

 B.Com, Dip -PR; Director

  • Raghu Krishnaswamy  



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