Apple’s Clips update – iPhone X’s True Depth sensors for 360-degree selfies

clips apple app update


Apple Announced a major update to Clips, the free app for iOS that makes it easy to create and share fun videos using iPhone or iPad.


Apple,on November 10, 2017, announced major Clips update. Which introduces Selfie Scenes for immersive, 360-degree selfies on iPhone X. It also comprehends New Artistic Effects, Redesigned UI and Star Wars Content. Its redesigned interface makes it easier to create great videos.

clips apple update

Selfie Scenes

Selfie Scenes is a new feature that take users into animated, 360-degree scenes when taking/recording selfies. It uses sophisticated TrueDepth camera system ( which removes background )to give experience of bustling cities, serene landscapes, abstract paintings to users and the main attraction is Mega-Destroyer from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”.

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New Stickers And Posters

The update even adds new stickers, posters and soundtracks. The new artistic effects can turn any picture or video into moody oil painting, vibrant watercolor or even a elegant pencil sketch using advanced machine learning and style transfer technology. This includes content from Disney, Star Wars etc. Users can also add more personality to their clips with the new designed stickers and free soundtracks .

Developer: Apple
Price: Free
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Redesigned UI

Apples’s streamlined design makes the Clips interface even better and easier, making frequently used controls within reach. Browser, a new effect, lets you choose filters, labels, stickers and emojis. You can now easily edit live titles, edit filters, trim or delete clips with labeled buttons.

A full-screen browser is adjusted in a way that users can view more of their content while viewing photo library.

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clips apple update


iCloud Backup

Users can access and edit their Clips videos via iCloud. Videos are automatically uploaded and backed up to iCloud. Meaning, users can edit videos later in another device conveniently. To save iCloud space, photos and video clips in iCloud Photo Library are referenced by Clips, not duplicated. Clips also add support for Shared iPads.

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About Clips

With all new Clips, users can create personal video messages, slideshows and mini-movies. It has many amazing features like Live Titles which generates animated captions from a user’s voice and 360-degree immersive Selfie Scenes.

It lets users to add personality to their videos with wide range of filters, animated stickers/posters and many soundtracks which adjust according to the video. It transforms our normal video into amazing clips using content and subject in the video and lets us share with others with ease.

Clips 2.0 is currently available in App Store and its compatible with iphone Latest versions iphonex , iphone 8,  iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 and later models, running iOS 11.1 and later versions. style transfer effects are only available on iPhone 7, 2017 iPad Pro and later models. Selfie Scenes are only available on iPhone X.

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