3 Best Android Apps to Create Android Apps Free & Paid | No Coding Required

free android app creation with android apps free

Want to create an android app but poor with coding ?

Well, you’re not alone. We have come to a stage where coding is not a fundamental tool. Gone are the days when only programmers and coders could build a app. Here we’ll suggest you with some apps which allows you to create android apps for free with out coding.

Best 3 Android Apps to Create Your Own Android Application(.apk)

Here are the the some android apps to generate your own android app without coding knowledge instantly @Free and Paid

1.Snapp Builder

Snapp Builder is the fastest growing mobile platform for creating mobile and android apps for free and it’s also used to create websites.

snapp free android app creator for android

It is very much suggested for business apps and websites. You can publicise your business contact details all over the web such as Google Search, Google Maps, Bing etc.

You can create app or website within no matter of time without prior coding skills or technical knowledge.

It has many features like multiple app categories, re-arrangable themes, versatile design to personalise your app (with your own images and text), send push notifications to your users etc. It can also be used for events, business, blogs and NGOs.

That’s all folks these are the best apps to create/build an app for your business, event or NGO without coding.

Download Snapp Free Android App Creator from Android play-store

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Can i use snapp for commercial purpose and for monitization?.


2.Apper – Create your own App

If you’re looking forward to create an android app for your business, hands down Apper is your destination.  It’s a DIY app developer application with which you can choose, create, customize and publish your app in simple steps.

apper android app maker free

Apper is a new and radical way in generating DIY apps without coding tools and providing phenomenal and personalized mobile app design.

You can take your business to next level with the app as it is easy to use and requires no programming or coding. you can create powerful apps with astonishing design and compatible to any device.

A little drawback is you cannot create flashlight apps or games. Charges may apply to submit your app to play store.

Download Apper from Android Play-store



This may be your first leap to create your own android app for free. It is like WordPress for apps. Sketchware is the developer of this uses IDE that uses block language Scratch, an programming language which transforms complex language of text-based coding into visual blocks. Scratch is not a complex language , it’s very vivid.

create your own apps - free android maker apps

It translates Scratch into Java and XML source codes giving endless developing limit. It also provides tutorials about Scratch block programming and Android app development for more skillful work.

You can Visually design and develop apps and install on your mobile with ease. It is fully compatible with Android Studio.

Download  Create Your Own Apps from Android Playstore

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