Best Free Android launchers Without Adds | Top 6 Android Launchers This Year


 Top 6 Free Android Launchers Without Adds

The way we arrange our apps or change the way of home screen look or act can be brilliantly handled by Android launchers. Every smart phone comes with its on launcher but there are number of third party launchers which we can rely on when the inbuilt launchers stumble. I personally use a android launcher but I can’t suggest it to you because we both use our phones for different purposes or we like different themes. That’s the beauty of it , there are endless launchers with overlong themes we can choose from.

To keep it simple launchers make smartphone experience more smooth like by consisting range of home screens, arranging shortcuts for apps or widgets and an app drawer. There will be number of options on how you willing to make your screen look. Here we list out the 6 best free android launchers which are our favorite too.




TSF Launcher


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TSF Launcher is one of the best launcher apps. It does a lot cool stuff. It also includes full gesture support. It has an extra plugin that adds app badges. It includes many features like Fantastic animation transition effects, 3D animations, free third-party themes which can be downloaded from playstore, More than 10 TSF Launcher widgets, Unlimited dock bar. Its a lot fun to use this launcher. They are steadily working on updates to make it give a younger look.




Nova Launcher


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Nova launcher, you cannot get enough of this launcher. It’s older than dirt, but still can be crowned as the best launchers available in android. It comes with a bunch of features which include widget and app drawer, colour controls, sub grid positioning, icon themes, scrollable dock and many more. Due to regular updation which means  there are less bugs and more new features. It has and added asset of backup and restoring home screen layouts and launcher settings if you change your phone. You should definitely give it a try.




Evie Launcher


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Evie launcher was one of the best apps among the apps in 2016. Its fast, unique and feather weight android launcher. It includes many features like universal search, quick navigation, shortcuts customisation etc. Pixel launcher style app drawer which is unique. More features like supporting both grid and list sorting, live wallpapers, Unread badges, folder and widgets redesign, backup and restore it on any other device. It is frequently updated, is free from in-app purchases and user friendly.

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 Apex Launcher


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Apex is one of the classic launcher and eldest among the android launchers. The developer is on the regular updates to improve the launcher. Home screen Customization can be handy, and it also includes many features like infinite & elastic scrolling, fancy transition effects, locking your desktop, multiple drawer styles and more. It also include a theme engine. You can also back up and restore your home screens. It is optimized for both phones and tablets. Therefore, you can restore phones data on tablet as simple as that.



Arrow Launcher


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With Arrow launcher aka Microsoft’s launcher, you can personalize your Android device to match your style with wallpapers, theme colors and more. It struggled a bit in the beginning but now it emerged as a really good android launcher. It has diverse home screens where you can avail features like Pin contacts to your to home screen, Personalized feed, recent files and most used apps etc. Some of the features can be very helpful to Microsoft users as many of them integrate with Microsoft products. The developers update the launcher regularly adding new features.




EverythingMe Launcher

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EverythingMe as a cool back story it shut down in 2015 and left play store. now they’ve bounced back in 2017 January. It has many promising features such as smart folders,quick contacts panel, the prediction bar, customizable gestures, lucky/daily wallpaper (surprise you with beautiful wallpapers) and many more. EverythingMe is a trust worthy android launcher. so, its come back is a great news. The app takes its time to cope up with you. But, when it does, it gives a cent percent performance.

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