Top 3 Best Free Memory Partition Software for Windows PC/Laptop Guide

Top 3 Best Free Memory Partition Management Software for Windows PC/Laptop

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Nowadays The Memory partition Management bacame an important aspect of owning a PC/Laptop, because the people trying to separate the data based on categories. So that we have found the best free partition management software for Windows PC/Laptop and Linux to help you manage your memory partitions sufficient.

Top Free Memory Partition Software for Windows PC/Laptop

We have listed the best free and topmost Memory Distribution Software for Windows PC/Laptop. Which improves your system capabilities. Let us follow the below listed Applications

#1. EaseUS Partition Master(Available Freeware)

Top 3 Best Free Memory Partition Software for Windows PC/Laptop

The EaseUS is one of the topmost memory partition software in the today’s market. EaseUS provides number of options to the user like create, format, resize, move, and more. It includes an extra features such as partition recovery option that can recover lost or deleted partitions.

Also supports to convert FAT to NTFS, primary to logical and vice-versa. And what ever we noticed above all of those included in the free version also.

With the help of EaseUS you can Completely Optimize and Manage Your PC memory ans it allows you to re partition, recover and keeps your PC/laptop/Server running at its best.


  • It supports to increase your business easily with memory disk management.
  • You can utilize your complete hard drive disk space.
  • Help system admins to manage disk space while providing tech service to clients(users).

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Download EaseUS Partition Master(Free Trail)

#2. AOMEI Partition Assistant(Available Freeware)

Top 3 Best Free Memory Partition Software for Windows PC/Laptop

The AOMEI Partition Assistant is also one of the topmost memory partition software as like previous one and it is available free download. You can use it for personal and commercial because it doesn’t have restrictions. It provides huge amount of features and options for users and recovers partitions.  Also supports to convert FAT to NTFS and vice-versa including all the data in the drive.

Basically, it is available in three modes which are 1) Partition Assistant 2) Standard Partition Assistant and 3) Professional Partition Assistant Server

Here the Standard Partition Assistant and Professional Partition Assistant Server neededto buy with lifetime free upgrades where as Partition Assistant is available Free but it has limited features.


FeaturesPartition Assistant
Partition Assistant
Partition Assistant
Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)YesYesYes
Resize, shrink, move, extend, merge, split, create, delete, format, and wipe partitionsYesYesYes
Migrate OS from MBR disk to MBR SSD or HDDYesYesYes
Convert system/boot disk between MBR and GPT stylesNoYesYes
Allocate free space from one partition to anotherNoYesYes
The maximum number of computers is allowed to install the programFreeware2 PCs/License2 Servers/License

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Download AOMEI Partition Assistant(Freeware)

#3. MiniTool Partition Wizard(Available Freeware)

Top 3 Best Free Memory Partition Software for Windows PC/Laptop

The MiniTool Partition Wizard is another memory partition software and available for free but packed with limited features. The free version includes creating, resize, move, delete, format, hide, Un-hide and recover deleted memory partitions also allows you to rebuild the MBR table and supports to convert FAT to NTFS and vice-versa.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is fastest programs and, supports RAID drives, external USB drives and even Fire-wire disks it is compatible with Linux ext 2/ext 3 file. Like EaseUS, MiniTool also offers the OS migration feature, but only in its Pro version (and above)starts at $39.

It is available in

1) Free Edition

2) Professional Edition

3) Server Edition

4) Enterprise Edition

5) Technician Edition

The Free Edition is only available for non-commercial use.


  • Increase partition capacity without damaging data.
  • users can add the annotation for partition according to actual needs.
  • At any time users can check the completeness of file system
  • It supports mobile devices, like SD card and more.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Download Mini Tool Partition Wizard( Free trail)

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