12 Best Password Manager Apps For Android Free

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12 Best Password Manager Apps For Android Free

When it comes to passwords, we have many of them for different purposes. Ironically, passwords are often forgotten. honestly speaking we all never go down and write all the passwords on a sheet or something, if also we write, its unsure that we’ll not loose it. We can remember simple format password. But, some sites need much more complex passwords which we cannot remember, honestly speaking.


What if I say you can literally write down all the passwords in vault that only you can access. Moreover, in mobile device its with you all the time, literally. Here are the Best free password managing apps for your android device.

1. aWallet Password Manager


aWallet password manager app is older than dirt but it doesn’t compromise on managing passwords. It stores passwords, banking details, credit/debit card details you name it. There are even built-in-search bar, customized icons, and even auto-lock mode. stuck up at choosing passwords, It makes your work done by built-in password generator. You can download the free version and later pay for the pro version for more features.



2. Dashlane Password Manager


Dashlane has been around for a very long time in the line of password managers. It can store passwords, credit/debit card info, and other hypersensitive details. Added feather is that it supports auto-filling for password on sites or apps. Its easy to use both on mobile and pc. It runs 256bit AES encryption which is stable. You can back up over the cloud. Many features are available in free version but if you’re much into it you’ll have to subscribe to pro version to use all the features.



3. Enpass Password Manager


Enpass password manager is a standard app for android device. Mac and Pc versions are also available. It has no subscription fee which is the attraction. You can import passwords from other password managers which makes merging easier. You also will get to use auto-filling password into chrome. It has  256-bit AES encryption, cross-platform syncing. You can also backup or restore information. Its free to download and there is a one time payment option to unlock everything which is $9.99.



4. Keepass2Android


Keepass2Android is famed as one of the stranded password manager apps. You keep account of your backed up passwords and more. Like many of the competitors, it doesn’t have many features. But, one can prefer this cause it’s completely free and opensource. Keepass2android is based on code for Keepassdroid (another free and open source password manager app) and both are compatible with each other. There is of offline version too, if you want to check it out.



5. Keeper Password Manager


Keeper password manager app has a lot of complex features. Its main asset is having both 256-bit AES and PBKDF2 encryption which makes one feel secure. It almost covers all the basic features and also has auto-fill option for passwords on various apps and sites and syncing between devices and cloud data. Its main attraction is fingerprint lock support. Along with passwords, it also has a vault for photos and videos for storing sensitive media. Nevertheless, you’ll need a subscription to get all the complex features.



6. LastPass Password Manager


When it comes to password managing apps, Lastpass is the most accepted among other apps. It has many complex features like auto-filling passwords to apps, websites or in google forms. There is secure vault for photos and audio media. Features like fingerprint lock support, password generator, password auditor which lets you know strength of your password and emergency access to a friend or family member are uncanny. The basic app is free but to unlock all the features you’ll need to subscribe to pro version.



7. mSecure Password Manager


mSecure password manager is older than dirt. But the several updates on time-to-time tend to make it comparatively modern. It supports 256-bit AES encryption, auto-lock, password generator, back up to cloud or SD card.On top of that, it self destructs when someone tries to guess password wrong more than limited turns. Lack of free version maybe a speed breaker though it a all-rounder in all aspects. There is a refund time, so we suggest to try it within the refund time if you want to try this one out.



8. Password Safe and Manager


Password Safe and Manager, can be crowned as one of the best password manager apps. This has doubtlessly zero connections with internet and also has 256-bit encryption which makes users feel safe. App’s internal design is a great attraction and also works spectacularly. You can generate and categorize passwords for easy browsing and it also comes with auto backup. There are many more additional features in pro version(3.99$.) if you are willing to buy.



9. RoboForm Password Manager


RoboForm is one of the app that comes from a long way through in password managing apps. It can enroll new passwords when you create them and also includes bookmarks, so as to find most used passwords like a flash. It supports Chrome, Firefox and surprisingly for Dolphin Browser. Login is pretty stylish and its completely free.



10. SafeInCloud Password Manager


SafeInCloud is a cloud-based password manager and also most recommended. All of your data is stored in cloud which can be synced in to any device by just logging in. This app has a concrete design, 256-bit encryption, password generator, password strength calculator and most of all fingerprint scanner support. Also you can select browsers foe auto-fill. You can avail every feature in free version. However, pro version doesn’t cost much, so we suggest you try the pro version (2.99.$).



11. True Key 


TrueKey is developed by Intel. it has a pretty good multi factor authentications like such as facial or fingerprint bio metrics, a master password, verification from a second ‘trusted’ device, or through an email link. Also it has auto-fill option, syncs the data with various devices, and imports logins from a number of password managers. The free version is limited allowing syncing across multiple devices to 15 different login credentials. In premium subscription login credentials boasts to unlimited.



12. 1Password


1Password is simple and secure among all password managing apps.just add the passwords and 1Password does the rest. It has many features like Creating strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts, Accessing your information on all your mobile devices and computers, Sharing passwords securely with your family or company, Unlock with a single tap using Fingerprint Unlock etc. You can also share financial information, personal documentation, or anything you need to keep secure and inaccessible for others. You can try 1Password free for 30 days. afterwards you’ll need a subscription.


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