How to Block SPAM SMS / Un-Wanted SMS MMS Easily on iOS

block spam sms/un-wanted sms easily on iOS iphone

As we know well the downfall habit of the network providers is that sending teem of many unwanted SMS/MMS over our’s devices those are really not interested to see at all the time. And we think worried about that fake adverts SMS/MMS, Don’t worry..! here we have listed some applications that can be helping you to avoid such spam SMS/MMS – Block SPAM SMS / MMS on IOS Apple Smart Phone

Block Spam or Unwanted SMS/MMS Easily on iOS iPhone

Guys you can follow us to avoid unwanted spam SMS/MMS into you’s iOS smartphone. Here we have provided such applications for iOS mobiles, that can really free from those spam SMS/MMS from network providers or any other adverts companies.

Suppose, for example, you get a message viewing you about any quiz question asking for your answer and tempting to prize you for the same.

There could be only single alert on your device for the spam but you could even get numerous alerts for the same.

In this method, We are providing you the latest and fastest available apps on the iOS devices to block the spam messages from network senders as well as keep the clean look of the inbox every time. So the messages over the inbox or filtering the quality and useful messages on the device.


#1.1 SpamSMS – Block Junk Messages

How to block spam sms/un-wanted sms easily on iOS

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This app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices. And this app works only with SMS and MMS messages from unknown senders; it doesn’t work with messages from senders in your Contacts list or with iMessage messages from any source. By getting too many unwanted SMS or MMS every day its really more confusion to find out the important ones in your ‘Messages’?  to filter the unwanted messages out and shows you the ones you actually want.

  • Custom Rules:
    You may add your custom keywords & numbers to override the incoming message.
  • Enable/Disable
    Anytime you can enable or disable the filtering criteria for the specific keyword and number. So no need to delete any item added by you.
  • Clean UI
    It has the cleanest and simplest UI so anyone can easily understand the flow of app and use it with ease.
  • Offline Only
    Yes, SpamSMS runs in Offline mode, so it can work even your offline. Means it is well protected.

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#1.2 SPAM – Block Spam SMS

How to block spam sms/un-wanted sms easily on iOS

With the Spam- Block spam SMS you can easily block SMS/MMS on your Smartphone.
Enjoy the new anti SMS spam function of iOS 11 with ‘SPAM’.

Use it after turning on the spam filter in the iOS device.
Settings -> Messages -> Spam -> TURN ON SPAM

■ Spam Keyword Recommendation

A smart app that recommends ad or spam keywords
You can receive only messages that you want.

■ Blacklist

It provides to block not only particular letters or phone numbers but also URLs.
Avoid annoying spam messages and SmiShing with the help of our impenetrable security.

Texts or URLs in SMS
You can block unwanted phone numbers or SMS.

• Texts: Block unwanted SMS
by entering words, phrases, or URL to be filtered,

• Phone numbers: Block unwanted SMS
by entering partial or complete phone numbers.


#1.3 SmartFilter – for Messages

How to block spam sms/un-wanted sms easily on iOS


The smart filter- For messages app is one of the  SMS/MMS spam filter apps, that developed to use machine learning to identify incoming spam SMS/MMS and places them in a different inbox within the built-in Messages app.

  • SmartFilter is highly customizable.
  • Allow Words allows you to allow all messages that contain certain words.
  • Filter all short code messages.
  • Filter all unknown sender messages.
  • Filter Words allow you to filter all messages that contain certain words.
  • Filter Numbers allow you to filter all messages from a specific phone number.
  • SmartFilter respects your privacy.
  • Incoming messages are analyzed on your device and your messages are never sent to a server for analysis.

SmartFilter is made by an independent iOS developer. If you find SmartFilter useful, please leave a review. If you want to contribute to future development, please consider leaving a tip by making an in-app purchase.

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