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Are you searching for “how to enable developer options for your branded smartphone”, Right you are in right place.

I need to explain here in a simple way “developer option”?

Developer Option configures the system behaviours. Which results in Enabling the USB Debugging, BUG Reports and more..

Enabling Developers Options in Android Smartphone[Manual Method]

You can follow these simple steps – Explained with screenshots of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

This Method is same for all Major branded Smartphones.[OPPO, VIVO, Asus, LG, Lava..]

Step #1.Click on apps or scroll down from the top of the Samsung smartphone

How to Enable Developers options in Samsung Smartphones

Step #2. choose or Click on setting and scroll down to bottom of the Screen


How to Enable Developers options in Samsung Smartphones

Step #3. Select or Click / Tap on About device

then the new window will appear with download updates manually & automatically, status, legal information,device name,model number, software onto and battery info.


How to Enable Developers options in Samsung Smartphones

Step #4. From the above click on Software info

Step #5. It shows another window  which consists all legal software information like Android version, kernel version, build number and much more..


How to Enable Developers options in Samsung Smartphones

Step #6. TAP 7 Times on Build number – Enables Developer Option

At the 5th TAP it alerts with OEM(Original equipment manufacturer) don’t worry, some mobiles need to be unlocked with seven taps.

Once you complete seven clicks on it, The message will show’s you like Developers option has been turned on.

Step #7. Later return to the settings

Once again scroll down to the bottom of the screen it will appears as Developers options by clicking on it you can bring all features designed by android smartphone for specific usage.


Step #8. Changing screen appearance form left to right

Yes, its possible(left handle-mode/right handle-mode)default is right handle-mode by enabling Force RTL layout  , improving touch performance by turn off window animation scale, transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. Even you can change the smartphone background color by clicking Simulate color space such colors are Monochromacy, Deuteranomaly, protanomaly and tritanomaly. 

How to Enable Developers options in Samsung SmartphonesHow to Enable Developers options in Samsung SmartphonesHow to Enable Developers options in Samsung Smartphones

Developer Option Highlights

  • Desktop backup protect
  • stay awake (Screen will not sleep when mobile in charging)
  • Bluetooth HCI Snoop Log(Capturing all hci packets)
  • Enable OEM Lock(Device protection functions will not work – dont enable – asks your device password)
  • Running Services(You can View & Control Running services – Ram , status, application status and more)
  • USB Debugging
  • Buffer Size
  • Mock Location App(you can set it)
  • Authorise wireless display device(options for wireless display certificates)
  • DHCP client
  • Show Touches
  • Show Pointer Location(displays lines/ dots when you tap on display)
  • Layout Boundaries
  • Force RTL Layout(display data from right to left)
  • Setting Screen Animation Duration to increase performance & battery saving
  • GPU Rendering, Updates & Hardware layers updates
  • Limit Background Process(select – Standard Limit).

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How To Disable developer Options

  • Goto Settings
  • Applications
  • Application Manager
  • Tap/Click on Settings
  • Tap/Click on Storage
  • Tap/Click on clear data

That’s it Developer Option has disabled.

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