Facebook’s Oculus launches Horizon, a VR based Social Networking Platform

Oculus Facebook Horizone VR

Facebook Horizon, A New Social VR World

Facebook today announced it’s building its own Ready Player One Oasis. The company’s virtual reality unit Oculus on Wednesday announced Facebook Horizon, a virtual social community where users of its Oculus headgear can “explore new places” and “create their own new experiences. Facebook‘s Horizon VR social Network is coming to Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform in 2020.

Oculus Facebook Horizone VR S

At Oculus Connect 6 event, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook Horizon. Dubbed a ‘social VR platform’. Horizon seems like a modernized Second Life 

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What is Oculus Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon is a virtual reality sandbox universe where you can build your own environment and create your own world. It is a great place to hang out with friends, watch movies and play games.

Facebook will shut down its existing social VR experiences Facebook Spaces and Oculus Rooms on October 25. Both Oculus Room and Facebook Spaces failed to attract users.


Users who are interested to play Facebook Horizone VR Social Network can get early access to its beta version here.

How Facebook Horizon works

Before getting into Horizon for the first time, people will design their own avatars from an array of styles and body options that express their individuality. During launch, Facebook said, “At Horizon, you’re not just discovering a new world, you are part of what makes it great”.

From there, magic-like portals called Telepods will transport users from public spaces to the Virtual world filled with adventure and exploration.

At first, Users will hop into games and experiences built by Facebook, like Wing Strikers, a multiplayer aerial experience. Then users will jump into various other Horizon worlds, built using the World Builder,

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Everyone will have the power to build new worlds and activities, from tropical hangout spots to interactive action arenas, all from scratch—no previous coding experience needed.

The Horizon beta will open early next year. Sign up for Facebook Horizon Beta Application to be notified when the beta opens in 2020.

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