Is it the end of Fortnite? Why the black hole is appearing

fortnite down showing black hole

Fortnite Season 10 Ends | Plyers stare at a black hole

One of the most popular game Fortnite has gone down and it is believed that it will return with a rebooted version. It is showing only a black hole.

Over 5.5 million players watched the event, Fortnite ‘The End’, on Amazon Twitch and Youtube. The game is showing only the EXIT red button.


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Here is Fortnite Youtube Channel Live Streaming 


What happened to Fortnite Game:

The YouTube channel of the game had a Livestream of the event that shows an explosion that blew up and the landscape, along with the players were dragged into a black hole.


Here is How Social media reacted to #Fortnite The End Event.

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Since then, players haven’t been able to do anything but to stare at the black hole.



The final Fortnite season 10 event ended suddenly. Players suddenly lost the ability to log in. Soon after the incident, the official “Fortnite” Twitter account tweeted ” This Is The End.”

When Will Fortnite Comeback Online


Players hoping that it’s not the actual end of “Fortnite”. people are expecting a new map and special updates for the player in the next Fortnite season.

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