Google adds Incognito Mode To Maps & Auto-delete YouTube History

how to turn on Incognito mode on Google Maps
how to turn on Incognito mode on Google Maps

Google Introduces ‘Incognito Mode’ in Google Maps

In a bid to provide more privacy Google introduced  ‘Incognito Mode’ in Google maps. The ‘Incognito Mode‘ was first introduced in Google Chrome in the year 2008.

Google Privacy Updates

Google is rolling out new privacy features to its Maps, Google Maps and Voice Assistant services.

The company said it would also expand its auto-delete history to YouTube, letting users set a time period to auto delete viewing history from the app.

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Google also launched Password Checkup, a new feature that tells users whether their accounts have been compromised or if any of their passwords are weak.

Incognito mode arrives in Maps

Incognito mode is the most popular privacy control tool launched by Google in 2008. Previously they have introduced it on YouTube, and now they’re rolling it out in Google Maps also.

The incognito mode on Google Maps will stop saving maps activity to users’ accounts, including the places they search for.

How To Turn On/Off Incognito mode in Google Maps

You can easily turn on Incognito mode by selecting it from the menu that appears when you tap your profile photo, and you can turn it off at any time to return to a personalized experience.

  • Open Google Maps App
  • Click on your profile
  • There you will see “Turn on incognito mode“, select it.
  • Now you can use Google Maps in Incognito mode.

Here is the short demo of how to “Turn on incognito mode” on Google Maps

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Turn on incognito mode” on Google Maps
How To Turn On/Off Incognito mode in Google Maps


How to Turn Off Incognito Mode in Google Maps

It’s easy to turn on and turn off: Simply tap your profile picture in the top right, and in the few big options immediately presented should be incognito mode. Do the same thing to turn it off.

Incognito mode will start rolling out on Android phones from October and it will be available on iOS soon.


 How to Auto-delete YouTube History

In May introduced auto-delete your Web & App Activity, Location History, and also search and browsing history.

Google is bringing the Auto-delete option to YouTube History. Now you can set the time period to keep your data- 3 months, 18 months, or until you delete it, just like Location History and Web & App Activity.

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 How to Auto-delete YouTube History
 How to set Auto-delete YouTube History


How To Auto-Delete Google voice Assistant History.

Google also announced that users will be able to delete their voice histories from artificial intelligence system Assistants using a voice command.

Google will also roll out an option to delete voice assistant activity by verbal command: “Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you.” or “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week.”


How To Auto-Delete Google voice Assistant History
How To Delete Google voice Assistant History

You won’t need to turn on any of these features, they will work automatically when you ask the Assistant for help.

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