Google Assistant Tricks – Must Know How to Use Google Assistant In daily Life

Google Assistant Tips and Tricks 2018

Are you tired of typing..! , Having problem with search in Google…?, How to tell Google? .., The problems can be overcome by assistant(Voice Search Service by Google)i.e.., Google Assistant

Right from the beginning of its announcement, google assistant created a lot of buzz in common mass.
When Google announced there new phone, the Google Pixel, one of the facinating thing was Google Assistant.Google Pixel, or the Pixel XL being the first devices that has Google Assistant built right in, the phones immediately caught people’s attention.The google assistant challenge’s Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

You can ask google Assistant almost anything, it will understand your words in context and assists you with related results in a informal manner.
Google Assistant has a voice, that means Assistant can literally talk back to you, and of course, it has a sense of humor.

Choose the Right Google Account for Google Assistant

Google Assistant works on your Google account, just as all the Google products does.It is suggested that you setup google Assistant with the the same google account that you’re going to be asking it to find information for each and every aspect.If you use different accounts for your google assistant and Google Photos, then it won’t be able to access.


Google Assistant Official Site is Here…

1.Customize Your NEWS List

In the assistant settings,tap the “News” beneath the Pixel section to customize your news list. After hitting the customize link, you can select a bunch of news sources of your interests. After you select desired news sources, you can ask Assistant to narrate the news for you.


2.Play Music

Say “OK Google” followed by “play some music”, “play some Jazz”, etc to activate.If your android smart phone has than one music app, it will give you the option of the service you want to use to play music.Google Assistant can also control what you play on other devices,if you are using spotify .



3.Smart Unlock

Smart lock is one of the essential key feature for any Android device.What if i say you can take smart unlock feature a bit further? say Hi to the new smart voice unlock.
Yes,you heard us right, you can unlock your phone with a voice command now through google assistant.
Go to Settings > Security and tap on the smart lock option.Once it opens, tap on trusted voice option and set up the Assistant to recognise your voice.

“Based On Mobile Compatibility or You Need to Install Android Voice Security App


4.Daily Briefing & Ask Question..?

Google Assistant is designed to give you a daily briefing.This briefing includes things such as weather, calendar events, the traffic in your community, and even updates with latest news.All you need to do, is greet it “Good morning“,after launching google assistant. The same goes with “Good Afternoon”, and “Good Evening” commands.





5.Read and Send Messages

Google Assistant, not only made sending messages easy, it also can read messages with equal ease.
All you have to do is command it to “read the text messages for today”.
where it gets intresting is, you can even use the same conversation to reply to one of them.

This feature also works on Whatsapp, email and other messaging apps that are set on your device by default.



6.Fetch Photos Easily & Open Gallery / Apps

Want to hunt / search a set of pictures that you took way back in October 2017 ? Google assistant can come handy.
All the google apps are integrated seamlessly,which makes the work easy on google assistant.You can also filter to fetch pictures from a specific place or even of specific person from your pictures.If only, you’ve labelled people in the google app prior to this.

google assistant-open-application-gallery

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7.Navigation Made Easy

Need the driving directions to nearest restaurant? We know, this is Google Maps sole purpose, but how about even a simpler approach than that?All you have to do is command‘directions to nearest restaurant (specific name of the restaurant makes it even easier)’ and it’ll display the directions, without typing a single word.

It makes it even more easier, if you have the home and work locations saved to your Maps.


8.Toss a Coin

We know how decision making is very difficult from complex situations to even simpler ones.
google assistant gives a hand in our decision making by flipping a coin for us.Cool, right?


9.Check your Next Flight or Booking

Google Assistant isn’t out of hand if you need to check over your flight or hotel bookings.
We have Google Trips for planing vacation, but assistant helps us check schedules and details.

You can make it work by syncing your Gmail, however it should contain your flight or car rental or motel booking details to lay the schedules.




Ever been to a new place and wonder how speak basic words, now its in your hand (err…on your smartphone).
Yes, Google has brought translations to its new Google assistant, no doubt, works like a charm.
For example, command “how do you say good morning in french” and leave it to google assistant to show the result.
Thanks to google assistant, now you never worry at a new place.


11.Control Switches like a Boss

Want to turn on/off Bluetooth/WiFi, make phone go into silent mode,with google assistant, you can manage these switches with minimum effort. You’ve heard that right,you can control these switches with simple voice commands.
Another added asset is that it even shows which WiFi network you’re connected to,or open an app etc with no time consumption.


12.Money Conversions

Ever needed a value of another currency at a touch and go. This is where google assistant comes handy, for example, you can command ” how much is 1000 rupees in $ “, answer will shoot on your screen within seconds.


13.Set Alarms and Reminders

Having a hectic schedule next day, need to remember something for some one special on coming days?Google assistant becomes your pal through planing these things. Yeah, you can set alarms and reminders through google assistant by simple voice commands.


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