How to keep Google Chrome Incognito Mode as default

How to keep Google Chrome Incognito Mode as default

In today most of the people are using Google Chrome for browsing or searching information from websites. As we know that the browser comes with lots of inbuilt features and Incognito(private) mode is one of them.

Setting Google Chrome Incognito Mode

We decided to give you a keen knowledge of the Incognito mode. Basically, it is an inbuilt feature of the browser through this you can browse privately over your device, Once you entered in this mode to browse information your history, cache, and passwords etc are not stored and if you close the Window everything gets deleted, whereas in the normal Window everything stored as history or cookies.

So we can say this is like a private browsing window but you have to open it manually every time to access this feature.

But most of the time we forget to enter into incognito mode and as usual, we start browsing on the normal Window, Don’t worry we came out with the permanent solution to enter always into Google Chrome Incognito mode by some settings.

And this will be a big security as no one will able to read your history etc.

Let’s Know How to Always Open Chrome in Incognito Mode

It’s very simple, you just need to do some small changes in settings of  Google Chrome browser then you can directly access into incognito mode.

Steps to Open Chrome Browser in Incognito Mode:

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#Step 1:

Everyone must open Properties of Google Chrome browser by right-clicking on the Google Chrome icon on your Windows PC.

How to keep Google Chrome Incognito Mode as default


#Step 2:

After the Step 1, the new Window will open in one dialog box that will include all the properties of the Google Chrome browser and need to choose the Shortcut option.

How to keep Google Chrome Incognito Mode as default

#Step 3:

The option start in shows you the path that the windows open when you click on the Icon, now there at the end of that path simply add the code”-incognito“ manually. We noticed that path with the yellow mark in above image(i,e. Step 2).

How to keep Google Chrome Incognito Mode as default

#Step 4:

Now, You can set the shortcut to open the Google Chrome browser in Incognito mode by pinning this on your taskbar.

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#Step 5:

To pin on the taskbar simply right click on the Chrome icon on the taskbar when it opened then select click on Pin this program on Taskbar

#Step 6:

That’s all you are done perfectly, So everytime you open that Google chrome icon, the Incognito mode will open.

Thus you can easily browse privately on your PC, Tab or Smartphone.

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