Google Claims they can do in 3 Minutes What others can’t in 10,000 years

Quantum Supremacy Sycamore processor

Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy’ With New Processor but IBM isn’t impressed

Google on Wednesday announced they have achieved Quantum Supremacy with its Sycamore processor. Google’s research team claim’s that the new chip developed by the company can do computation in just over 3 minutes which the world’s fastest supercomputer would have taken 10,000 years to produce a similar output.

Google Quantum Supremacy



But, Researchers at IBM said that Google was over-selling the ‘Quantum Supremacy’. They it is no that is to achieve things which can compute in just 3 minutes but others can’ t in thousands of years.


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What is “Quantum Supremacy”?

Quantum supremacy is the potential ability of quantum computing devices to solve problems that classical computers practically cannot.



Big tech companies including Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel are avidly pursuing the technology.

Ivanka Trump Tweeted abut Google achieving quantum supremacy





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