Google Removed 29 Malicious Apps From Play Store

list of malware apps removed from play store

Google Play Store Removed 29 Malicious Apps

Over 29 Malicious apps have been discovered on Google Play Store which has 10 million downloads. According to Quick Heal Security Labs, the purpose of the apps is to not let users uninstall it by just dragging the icon. These Malicious apps show non-skippable ads on a user’s mobile screens.


ll these 29 apps have been made by Chinese developers. This isn’t the first time Google has taken down apps that carry malware.

Google has not given a statement as to why these apps were taken down. A few days back Google had taken down 75 lakh apps from the Play Store that were found to be hiding adware inside them.

Out of the 29 apps, 24 are from the ‘HiddAd’ category that hides the icon after first launch and create a shortcut on home screen of the phone. The remaining 5 apps are of ‘Adware’ category and would generally get into your Android phones through advertisements.

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You might have noticed many ads every time you visit Facebook, Youtube and many other social media applications.

The ‘Adware’ apps pretend to offer a functionality of magnifying the view, but in reality, these show heavy advertisement on user’s Android mobiles, eventually draining phone battery and causing heavy data usage and productivity loss.

When user chooses an option, these apps start full-screen ads, with no option to close or skip the advertisements.

According to SophosLabs, These apps are, fundamentally, simple. The basic tools like QR Code or barcode readers, calculators, Camera Apps, Camera Filter apps and tools to make animated GIFs, or photo editors. In most cases, there are free alternatives available for users in the play store. but these developers charging high amount from users after the trial period ends.

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Many users report that they failed to unsubscribe from the trial period, and get charged very high amounts of money. In the case of one QR code reader app, the developer charges users €104.99 after 3 Days. The Professional GIF Maker app developers charge users €214.99 when the trial ends.


Malicious Apps removed from playstore


List of Malicious Apps Removed From Play Store

Google has not given a statement as to why these apps were taken down. The play store has not listed the apps which were removed. But we have a st prepared by Sphoslabs.

Here is the list of apps that contain malware. The list is prepared by SophosLabs.

Google Removed 29 Malicious Apps From Play Store

Image source: SophosLabs

Be careful when you install any app from the play store. Look for users’ reviews before downloading the app.

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