Google Wiped Out 7 Lakh Apps from Google Play Store

google play store removed 700000 apps

Google says it removed 700000 + apps from the Android Play store( official News from Android Developers Blog

7 Lakh dangerous apps Removed from the Play Store

Why Google Removed 7 lac  Apps In PlayStore:

In recent times, hackers are spreading new types of malware and Trojan viruses to Android phones.

However, these viruses are increasingly coming from the apps. So, the software company Google has removed heavily from the Play Store that has been spreading such viruses over the past year.

2 Billion Android Devices Users May 2017


Google has recently revealed that in 2017, it has removed over 7 Lakh dangerous apps from the Play Store. But in 2017, the number of apps out of 2017 is 70% higher than the apps that were removed from the Play Store.

On 17 may 2017 Google said at its I/O developer conferenceGoogle’s Android now powers more than 2 billion devices users , Roughly 800 million people use Google Drive and 500 million use Google Photos.

Google Highlights these 3 main reasons at google developers Blog:

  1. Copycats

Attempting to deceive users by impersonating famous apps is one of the most common violations.

Famous titles get a lot of search traffic for particular keywords, so the bad actors try to amass installs leveraging such traffic.

2. Inappropriate content

We don’t allow apps that contain or promote inappropriate content, such as pornography, extreme violence, hate, and illegal activities.

3. Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs)

PHAs are a type of malware that can harm people or their devices.

e.g., apps that conduct SMS fraud, act as trojans, or phishing user’s information.

Google Play protect Plays a Key Role for Removing 7 LAKHS APPs..?

Google Play Protect: Keeping your Android device and data secure


Effect of Google play protect: The annual PHA installs rates on Google Play was reduced by 50 percent year over year.

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