How to apply for Aadhaar-based Instant e-PAN Card


What is Aadhaar-based Instant e-PAN Card

The Income Tax department had launched an ‘instant’ Aadhaar-based PAN allotment service. Now you can get instant e-PAN within minutes.

PAN, the 10-digit alphanumeric number allotted by the Income Tax Department to a person or firm, is now available in online as e-PAN in ‘instant’ for individuals seeking to obtain the unique identity for the first time.

Previously, applicants are required to fill up a form and submit documents to get a PAN card, which takes up to 15 days. But now you can get instant e-PAN within few hours. The best thing is the instant e-PAN card can be used immediately after approval.

Here’s how to apply online and get instant Aadhaar-based e-PAN allotment service


Those who are applying for instant e-PAN card needs to submit their basic details like Name and address along with their Aadhaar details, and verify them using a one-time password (OTP) on their registered mobile phone number.

How to apply for an e-PAN Card?

Yow will be redirected to a new page.


Apply instant e Pan card Online Form 49A


  • You will see 2 options Digital Mode & Physical mode
  • After that choose the “digital mode” to get instant ePAN Online

Under digital mode, You don’t need to submit any physical documents. Your application form will be signed using Aadhaar-based eSignature or digital signature.

Note: Make sure your Aadhaar is updated with your mobile number.


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  • Now Select ” Individual” if you are a person. (For Firms select other option)
  • Now select ” PAN Card mode”.

There are two option for you to select

1: Both physical PAN Card and e-PAN

2: e-PAN only, No physical PAN Card will be dispatched

Select based on your requirements.


How to Apply instant e Pan card Online Form 49A



Note: If you need a physical PAN card along with e-PAN, you are required to pay ₹107, whereas if you need only the e-PAN charges are ₹66.

  • Now fill personal details like First name, Last name, Gender, DOB, Address and Aadhar details.
  • In the next stage fill, Document Details, Contact & Parent Details, Address Details, Other Details
  • Finally, submit corresponding Documents.


  • After filling all the details, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with Aadhaar, to conduct the e-KYC.

After filling all the required documents, you have to upload your photo & signature in the prescribed format.


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Aadhaar plays an important role in getting your instant e-PAN online, make sure your Aadhaar details are correct as the application can get rejected in case of any data mismatch.



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