How to track a lost or stolen iOS , Android or Windows device using Pray

How to track a lost or stolen iOS or Windows device using Pray

Nowadays the most important thing is that loss of electronic gadgets like Laptops, Android, iOS smartphones and more, unfortunately. Even it’s a very critical thing to get it back into our hand/pocket once we have lost our device.

Don’t worry..! you just follow us because we have found such powerful App to recover lost or stolen Windows or iOS devices. Let’s see…

How to track a lost or stolen iOS device with Pray

How to track a lost or stolen iOS or Windows device using Pray

Actually, the problem generated with the lightweight laptops, tablets and convertible devices like Microsoft Surface, iPhone, Tablet make it easy to carry out where ever you go. But this comfort comes at a risk, Because every time you take your device outside, there’s a chance that it should be lost or stolen by someone.

Here the new security feature will help you to track your stolen device and see its location on a map once you installed it on your device.

Prey Anti Theft: Find My Android & Mobile Security

One of the best App is that the Prey Anti Theft is just not a find my phone app, but also the most recovery tool to find you’re lost or stolen Android or iOS smartphones. it runs automatically in the background till you activate it remotely. And the alarm on the machine, see its location, display a message on its screen and even lock it down all this possible once you can activate Pray.

Mobile Anti Theft Prey Features


The Reports are our key feature because it enables you a chance to track, find and recover your lost Android or iOS devices and rebel against theft or loss. Each report includes:

  • GPS Coordinates: Ideal when pointing the police to track your phone or another device.
  • Mac Address: With this, and the device’s IP, no one can deny it is indeed your device.
  • Pictures: Identify the thief using your android phone.
  • Wi-Fi: You can look all active connections near your device for good tracking.
  • Device and User Information: Check an activity log, receive any modifications.

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  • Control Zones provides you to mark an area on a map and get alerts when your mobile devices enter or leave it.
  • Through GPS Pin-point accuracy reflected on a map.
  • The Security Alarm provides the sound, even if the device’s sound is silenced.
  • Security Lock: Keep curious hands away from your lost mobile device, lock it remotely.
  • Front and Back Camera: Take silent snaps and discover who is holding your device.

Available in its PREMIUM version, or 100% FREE with up to 3 devices and the essentials mobile security and tracking package.

Premium Plans:
– Personal: $5
– Home: $10
– Pro: Custom!

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Terms and Conditions:


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