iPhone X screen renew will cost $279 | Other damages $549

iphone X repair cost

Are you looking for your Apple iPhone X repair.?

Don’t know How much its Cost, weather it is under Warranty or out of Warranty  ..? Don’t warred i would like to discuss and additionally providing you how to check warranty..? just follow the steps:

  • Go to Apple’s warranty status page 
  • Enter you Apple iPhone serial number
  • Enter captcha to identify that your a human being
  • Tap to continue..

iPhone X screen renew will cost $279

Other damage may cost additionally About $549.

The iPhone X has spread on sale in past days, and includes it, Mobile giant Apple released phone’s screen repair pricing, The cost will different in other countries such as UK, US, Canada etc.

A iPhone X screen substitute will cost $279. it’s more than the price of an Apple iPhone 6 screen replacement, it is $129. Remaining all other damages means, out of warranty will cost $549. Yes it’s again a lot more than Apple iPhone 8 repair, will cost $349 & iPhone 8 plus damage will cost $399.

So i highly advice you better live with it, once break the glass of the iPhone X front or the iPhone 8.

A short Good news for Apple’s iPhone users, Apple extended warranty service, But for iPhone X buyers, might not be a necessary safety because warranty costs $199 for the iPhone X and itself is much more costly, warranty service fee is applicable only for “accidental damage” not at all for all.

You can get Apple iPhone X screen repair at $29 with warranty, and can get by $99 under AppleCare+,as well.

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For the iPhone X, on the other hand, you could crack and replace the screen twice under warranty ($257) and still pay less than a single out-of-warranty screen replacement ($279). And given that you’re already spending over $1,000 on the phone, that’s not a bad insurance policy, since it also fully covers repairs for when the device just stops working on its own.

The damage price looks very high, Apple has to meet Samsung to receive/catch the OLED panels for the iPhone X frontal.

Because the one and only one that can provide such screens, they’re being provided in bounded quantities, due to production complexities so the price on Apple’s iPhone screen is going to be even expensive.

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The table shows you Country wise Apple iPhone repair cost:

Country NamesScreen-DamageOther-Damage
United States$279$549
United Kingdom£286£556

Note: These prices do not apply to customers who purchase iPhone X from AppleCare+ 

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