7 Top Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

iphonex faceid tips tricks

The mobile giant Apple’s latest The iPhoneX is weighty successful around the world. It has developed to an all-new 3D recognition system referred as Face ID, that the company said, it is secure for not only for unlocking your iPhone X, but also safe and secure for making online payments. 

Face ID is an expensive fusion of the new iPhone X

Here we discussed the best and easiest iPhone X tips & tricks for speed up the operations as compared to the Touch ID because it is less slow than Touch ID. But as we know Face ID is an expensive fusion to the iPhone X, It introduces some latest advantages that works excellently with the iOS.

There are some important iPhone X Face ID Tips & Tricks:

#1. Increase the Face ID Speed

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

Everyone focused on the speed of operation, As the comparison with Touch ID Face ID has much speed. Alright, you want to simply increase the speed of Face ID in unlocking process. It is done by disabling Require Attention for Face ID on the iOS device or iPhone X. For this you might go to the Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Require Attention for Face ID, once found Require Attention for Face ID immediately click on it to turn off the feature.

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It’s worth noting that although it improves the unlocking speed, it actually reduces the advanced security that Face ID has to offer. For example, by default, your iPhone X won’t unlock if you’re not looking at the phone, which is very helpful if your friend is trying to unlock your device by bringing it in front of your face. With this disabled, the phone will unlock even if your eyes are closed.

#2. Speed-Up By Enabling / Disabling Attention Aware Features of iPhone X

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

The iPhone X Face ID come out with the latest feature that enables the work like sorcery, is known as Attention Aware. It is so useful, when you’re waking up in the morning in your bedroom. Well, I shall explain how it works actually. If supposed to wake up in the early morning the alarm you have set on your iPhone X starts ringing in the morning to wake you up, the volume of the alarm gets decrease automatically once you look at your iPhone X, Whereas other Smartphone may be required to decrease manually. For these you simply reach the Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Attention Aware Features once found it you just move on it to turn on to enable the feature.

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#3. No need to Wait for the Unlocked Icon

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

As we know that the speediest way to unlock our iPhone X, Is swiping up when the screen turns on. Yes, that’s right but here you no need to wait for the lock icon on your lock screen of the iPhone X to unlock to swipe up to the home screen. You can easy to swipe up even your phone is still locked, and Face ID will still be unlocking your phone in the background. Thereby, you will be able to unlock your new iPhone X a much faster as compared to other Smartphone devices.

#4. Show Previews for Face ID

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

Goto Settings -> Notifications -> Show Previews & set it to When Unlocked. Once you enabled this feature in an older iPhone model, You might have to unlock your iPhone first and then swipe down your notification center to read all your notifications, but it not at all the case with the new & latest iPhone X.
Once you look at the device after the successfully unlocks, the previews will neatly pop up in the same lock screen on the device. This allows you more convenience, your privacy is still entire as no one can read apart from the owner of the device.

#5. App Store and services with Face ID

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

The iPhone X Face ID is not only developed for security is also used for making payments through App Store and services such as Apple Pay. Once Face ID has enabled in iPhone X, You no need to type in your Apple ID and password every time you make payment. Means you can authorize the purchase by looking at your iPhone. To enable, Goto Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> iTunes & App Store and just turn it on.

#6. Fix Third-Party Apps with Face ID

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

The Face ID can be useful to fix up the third-party apps, To fix third-party apps, Goto Settings on your iPhone X  undergo to Face ID & Passcode Other Apps and then disable Face ID for the apps that are listed by simply turning off it.

#7. Resetting Face ID

7 Top & Best Face ID Tips and Tricks for your iPhone X

You can totally remove Face ID and re-scan your face right from the scratch whenever you want. Alright, to remove Face ID on the iPhone X, Go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Reset Face ID and you can able to scan setup again.


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