The new Malware makes ATM spit out all of its cash on demand

jackpotting malware attacks ATM cash spit out

This malware can make an ATM spit out all of its cash on demand

A joint investigation between Motherboard and the German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has uncovered malware named “jackpotting” is attacking ATMs. “jackpotting” malware make ATM’s spit out all the cash on demand.

Hackers are increasingly going after machines with outdated software and weak security.

ATM attack is on the rise around the world. People all over the world despite their money in banks and they use their Credit/debit card to withdraw money from ATM’s.


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How “jackpotting” malware attacks ATM



Generally, attackers install malware via an access point on the ATM. The malware developed by Russian hackers sold for $1000.

When they spoke to one cybercriminal claiming to sell the Cutlet Maker malware.

The attackers responded, “Yes I’m selling. It costs $1000,” they wrote in an email, adding that they can offer support on how to use the tool as well. The seller provided screenshots of an instruction manual in English and Russian language.


The manual includes how to check how many banknotes are inside the ATM, and installing the malware itself.

The public must be careful while visiting ATMs. If you find any unrealistic environment near ATMs please report it concern deportment and Police.


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