MAP Medical Watch Uses AI to Monitor Health – Targets Apple & Fitbit

map medial watch uses AI to monitor health

MAP Medical Watch uses AI to Monitor Health – You all heard of smartphone but have you come across the word smartwatch ?

Well It’s a happening thing now, as of BUDAPEST, Hungary (Reuters), this latest smartwatch health monitor analyses the health of its wearer constantly by using artificial intelligence (AI) and also swears an early warning system for medical clutch.




Medical Watch (MAP) Uses AI ?

Its called the MAP (Measure, Analyze, Predict) watch. And it works like a charm. highly accurate sensors integrated in this watch which constantly measures ECG, pulse, temperature of skin, heart rate and oxygen level in blood 24×7.

It is designed to learn about the wearer the longer he wears it. As the developers say it the system can diagnose and identify potential health risks as they arise.

Simply wearing the MAP Health Watch allows us to collect and process medical data in real time and respond immediately in the event of any issue of concern. If our algorithm recognizes any known pattern of a developing disease, we notify you and our medical team provides instant and tailored advice.


MAP Health Watch-AI watch-medical watch
A new smart watch, called the MAP Health Watch, has five sensors continuously measuring six vital parameters of the wearer.

Medical watch uses AI to Monitor health(MAP)

  • Blood Pressure
  • ECG (Electrocardiography)
  • Heart Rate and Variability
  • Blood Oxygen Level
  • Skin Temperature
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Movement/shock
  • Electrodermal activity
  • Nice UI Battery Indication


MAP Health Watch-medical watch- AI technology
MAP Health Watch – Medical Watch Uses AI to Monitor Health


MAP Health Services At A Glance 

  •  Personal Medical Profile
  •  Personalized Identification of risk factors and symptoms
  •  Monthly health reports
  •  medical advice
  •  Emergency detection and response


It is highly recommended to wear the watch most of time possible because the longer the respective person wears it the more watch adapts to the person.Which outcomes in better alarms system and less false alarms generated.


MAP Health Watch using ai-model



“When an ECG stripe is registered then the doctor realizes that there has been infarction (heart attack), there are signs of an old infarction, and the patient is not aware of this. In case the patient would have worn this watch then the regular ECG measurement would have registered the early signs of an infarction and we could have helped this patient much earlier,” MEDICAL ADVISER, DR ALEXANDRA PINTER said.



This Health Watch MAP collects data from you and sends it your phone but the access is limited to certain functions of the MAP Health Services.


Mass production is going to start in china and medical teams are going to be setup in United States and Hungary and goes into production later in this year.


Price of MAP Health Watch ?

It may cost around 200$ and subscription charges may be around 50$ per month which alerts the team of doctors when alarms are generated.


The MAP Health Watch Cost is a bit beneath as compared to apple and fitbit ionic smart watches.


                      You can get additional information from  MAP official Site.

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