Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the Avatar-inspired AVTR concept car

Mercedes-Benz avatar car

Mercedes-Benz has just released a new concept car that was inspired by the 2009 movie Avatar called the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR.

The entire rear end of the AVTR is covered in 33 discrete scales — or as Mercedes-Benz calls them, “bionic flaps.”

Mercedes Benz  AVTR concept car

It also has special spherical wheels that Mercedes-Benz says were inspired by the “seeds of the Tree of Souls” from Avatar movie.

The vehicle uses biometrics sensors to better bond with the driver. There’s no steering wheel. You just become one with the car.


To be clear, this is a show car. This means the Vision AVTR won’t be available to buy now, next year or in five.

Mercedes-Benz Avatar inspired Car

But as Ola Källenius, Daimler’s Chairman and the head of Mercedes-Benz noted Monday night, “show cars are here to spark our imagination, just like science fiction movies do.”


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