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A lot of your daily activities mostly rely on your android phone. Whenever you’re working on your PC, sometimes it becomes bit hard to check your Android every time you get notification or whenever you need to access files in your android phone. For this reason, Fortunately, accessing your Android phone on a computer(mirror android screen on pc) is easy.This can be done by using four or more  ways.

share your screen on PC or laptop


Launch AirDroid App

Locate and open the app on your mobile screen

  • If you’re already logged in, you will be automatically directed to your AirDroid account; if not , enter your AirDroid login details in its respective fields and just “Sign in.”
  • Do not exit AirDroid on your android phone. If you want to exit press the Home button to leave, but do not close the app.
  • If you don’t have AirDroid , you can download mobile app here Download 
  • download for web here Download


Steps to access your android screen on windows pc using AirDroid

  • Open AirDroid in your PC

You can open AirDroid home page from any browser on your PC. The Airdroid home page will display sign in page. visit 

  • Logging In

Enter your registered email address and password into the respective fields provided, and click “Sign in.”

Once you are logged in you can see all your android devices connected to AirDroid.

  • Accessing Android phone through PC

Click on the Android device you want to connect to.Your android receives a notification on your Android device once AirDroid connects .

  • You can now text, call, get app notifications, uninstall apps, delete phone calls and messages, upload music files or pictures on your Android device from your PC.
  • You can access your Android via AirDroid even when it is miles away, no more same network restrain.


Launching App

Locate the app on your android phone screen and tap it to open. It’s the pink circle with the blue letter “m” on it.Download for mobile here Download 

  • Mobizen allows you to use your Android phone easily from your PC.


Steps to access your android screen on windows pc using Mobizen

Logging in Phone

Enter your registered  Mobizen ID and password in the respective fields, and tap “Sign in” to access the app.

Mobizen on PC

Using any web browser on your PC, visit the website. Click “Download Mobizen PC”on the screen,and run the installer once it has downloaded. Visit 

Connect your PC to your Android

Double-click the Mobizen icon on your desktop, and log in using your Mobizen account. Best connection method will be detected by default (USB, Wi-Fi, or 3G). If PC is connected to Wi-Fi, Mobizen will access the Android device through it.

  • For large file transfers, it can use USB connection between PC and Android. Mobizen will even work with your phone’s data network.

Access your Android phone from PC

After establishing the network connection, you can now access with your Android device .You can can manage your device and answer messages or calls with Mobizen. You can also transfer files.

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Vysor lets you view and control your Android on your computer.as simple as it sounds.

Download Android App

download the Vysor android app on your phone from play store.

Sign in in the app from registered account, if not registered sign up in the app.

If you dont have the app yet, download it here Download


Steps to access your android screen on windows pc using Vysor.

Open Vysor in your PC

Open Vysor in chrome web store here visit

Next, click the ‘”add to chrome” button.

Run the Vysor application.

Logging In

Log in from the PC from registered account.

Once logged in you can view device connected to the Vysor.

Accessing through PC

Click on the device on PC to access the device.

Once you’ve accessed the device you can play games,chat and even transfer files through Vysor.

4.Screen stream mirroring free

Screen Stream Mirroring is the best free app for mirroring and broadcasting your Android screen and audio in real time !
You can live broadcast everything to , Youtube, Gaming, Facebook, Ustream, and other popular web streaming servers: perfect for broadcasting your favorite games.
No root: Prior to Android 5.0 you need to run our startup tool from your computer to activate screen mirroring

There is a pro version available.Free version has time limit for each application run.

Download App

Screen Stream Mirroring app is available on play store.Download(free) here Download

Sign in from the registered account,If not registered ,register.


Steps to access your android screen on windows pc using Screen Stream Mirroring.

Screen Stream Mirroring on PC

Download PC version here Download

Select preferred operating system.

Accessing through PC

Run the application.

connect to the android device you need to access.

Happy Mirroring.

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