Notepad++ for MAC OS ? Yes / No – Best 8 Notepad++ Alternatives

Notepad plus alternatives for mac - best code editors for mac
Best code editors and alternative to notepad++

Required Notepad++ for MAC Operating System..?

hi, there..!

Unfortunately there is no notepad ++ for Mac OS or Any Operating Systems, except which only designed and developed for Microsoft Windows OS.

Notepad++ is an excellent opensource text and source code editor for Windows OS.

Notepad++ highlights syntactic elements of

ActionScript, ASP, Assembly, Bash scripts, C, C#, C++, Cobol, CSS, HTML, INI files, Inno Setup scripts
Java, JavaScript, JSON, KiXtart, Perl ,PHP, PostScript, PowerShell, Swift, S-Record, Tcl, TeX, Visual Basic, VHDL, Verilog and more.

You can download official Notepad++(Notepad plus) software (np++ Compatability Windows Platform only).

But lucky for you we’ve researched, founded and tested some best alternatives for notepad++.

Here we go.

Notepad ++ Alternatives for MAC OS


notepad++ alternatives brackets for mac
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Adobe’s Brackets is fantastic alternative to Notepad++ with the added bonus that it is free to use.

One of the biggest advantages of using an editor made by Adobe is that you can use a feature named Extract to get different colors, fonts, gradients, and measurements from a PSD document.

It will extract the information automatically and turn it into a clean CSS, severely reducing the amount of time it would take to convert a PSD file into a website.

Download Brackets for MAC


notepad++ alternatives brackets for mac
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This program was created by GitHub and made for online use.

One of Atom’s bigesst advantages over any other code editor is that it is very hackable.

Say the program does something you don’t want it to do. No problem, you can adjust that.

Users post packages that modify how Atom functions and looks – from history managers to themes.

For the most part, the editor can be changed using JavaScript & HTML so you won’t need to know a complex language in order to change it up a bit.

Download Atom for MAC

3. Komodo Edit Program

notepad++ alternatives brackets for mac , komodo edit
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Komodo’s integrated development environment, or IDE, is popular among developers.

However, not everybody needs a full IDE to use for their own projects or tasks.

Komodo Edit provides an alternative for people who don’t need such intensive software by including several main features of Komodo IDE, like Markdown viewing and multi-language support.

Komodo Edit doesn’t come with the entire full set of features available on other code editors, but keep in mind it was made by a team that put together a very useful & successful IDE.

Download Komodo Edit For MAC


notepadd++ alternatives for mac, jedit text editor

jEdit describes itself as text editor made for the “more mature” programmers.

This text editor combines a lot of the most popular features that are found on Windows, Linux, and Mac text editors.

It has a ton of keyboard shortcuts for almost any function you use, unlimited clipboard space that allows you copy and paste as much you need to, windows can be split up so you can do more efficient editing.

Rectangular selection tool makes it much easier to select text and does it much quicker. Just to name a few key and important features to jEdit.

Download jEdit for MAC


notepad++ alternatives brackets for mac, bbedit, textwrangler

A common and standard code editor is BBEdit, but because not everyone will want to spend $50 for a single IDE program, they came up with an alternative TextWrangler.

TextWrangler is like a smaller edition of the BBEdit IDE as it comes with many of the great features that made BBEdit a great program to use to develop code.

BBEdit – It doesn’t suck.®

BBEdit is one of the best alternative for notepad++ 

Some of its most prominent features include a Shebang menu made to allow for integrated entrée to Unix scripting, the creation of language modules, syntax highlighting, and one that allows for automatic language predicting.

TextWrangler also has common features from plain-text editors, including a built-in text transformation, multi-file search, a spellcheck option and Unicode viewing.

Download bbedit for MAC


6.Visual Studio Code

notepadd++ alternatives for mac, visual studio code

Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s free text editor.

Visual Studio Code – Code editing, Redefined, Free, Open source, Runs everywhere.

The best alternative for notepad++ is visual studio code, VSC is a IntelliSense, debugging, Built in GIT & Extensions. 

Visual Studio Code actually available on Linux & Mac devices, features like highlighting for more than 30 languages, multiple cursors to use, an outlining option, automatic real-time API descriptions, Git control, and the way it focuses on the more modern web languages.

A a great text editor for people who are looking to improve anything online.

Download Visual Studio Code for MAC

7.Sublime Text

Notepad++ alternatives for mac, sublime text

SUBLIME TEXT – A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose

The Sublime Text editor is likely the most well-known simple text editor for Mac & windows.

Similar to Notepad++, Sublime Text also offers syntax highlighting, a lot of customizability in the interface, and many fantastic features to be used for editing code.

The Goto Anything search option, used by hitting ⌘P, is probably one of the most helpful features of the editor. Using this search option, you are able to open up files, search for certain words and jump to different symbols or lines.


Download SublimeText for MAC 

Price 80$ – Refunds are available within 30 days of purchasing.


notepad++ alternative for mac, UltraEdit

Considering that one of the greatest Notepad++ alternatives is UltraEdit costs $80 per Annum which Includes all IDM Access.

ultra edit is an another fantastic but somewhat costly code editor which is alternative to notepad++.

UltraEdit has tools like multi-select, block/column editing, syntax highlighting for a lot of languages, cross-file Regex search, scripting, and can edit lots of text files.

Ultra Edit availabl in different versions and available for Windows, Mac, & Linux versions.

  • Ultr Edit
  • Ultra Edit Suite
  • IDM All Access

Download Ultra Edit for MAC

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