PUBG Mobile to bring Drones, similar to Call of Duty Mobile game

pubg mobile to get drones like call of duty

Some leaked gameplay footage reveals that PUBG Mobile is planning to bring drones to the battle royale game.

If you have played Call of Duty Mobile, then you might be aware of the fact that it offers users lots of other things to kill enemies, apart from just guns.


PUBG Mobile to Soon Get Drones Similar to Call of Duty Mobile


The Call of Duty Mobile app also has drones, the drones on PUBG Mobile will be more of a spying tool rather than a mobile hunting machine.

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This means that you can scout an area before making a move.

It is currently unclear if the drones will be mounted with weapons, or if players will have the option to use them as a spying tool.

The range of these drones in PUBG Mobile also not been revealed.

Recently PUBG Mobile revealed new anti-cheat detection tools to identify and ban hackers in the game.

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