Richard Browning – JET SUIT like IRON MAN Sets Guinness Record

Richard Browning invented “Iron Man costume suit” in a real world , Which is the fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine powered suit.

This technology combines body mounted miniaturised  jet engines with a well designed exo-skeleton, It allows vertical take off and flight.

The suit can be controlled by moving the arms, while a display screen inside the helmet gives updates on fuel consumption.

Real-life Iron Man breaks WORLD Record for fastest speed in JET Engine SUIT

Richard Browning Iron Man costume suit Guinness record

Richard Browning ?

38 years old Richard Browning is founded Gravity Industries Ltd in 2007 and he is chief test pilot for company.

Which is British technology start-up for build innovation and an inspirational technology company by Re-imagining the future of human flight and pioneering aeronautical innovation.

This Propulsion combines six miniature jet engines similar to those used in jet-powered model Aeroplanes which are mounted on the arms and the lower back. Though the suit is capable of extreme speeds and altitudes.

Browning reached the speed of 32.02mph means 51.53 kilometer per hour on his third attempt.

Richard Browning Failed Attempts

Before that he failed two times and fall turn and dropping into a lake.

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Richard Browning said

“I am very proud indeed to be a part of Guinness World Records Day”

It is a pleasure and a privilege to have our unique creation recognised and celebrated all round the world.

Flying like Iron man is not an Easy Task – 

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  • Flying like Iron man is not an easy task as just strapping yourself in and jetting off.
  • We requires huge amount of physical effort to control the suit.
  • The suit tests the limits of personal fitness. Browning describes the strength required to direct the jets as “severe”. In order to fly.
  • Richard Browning must followed a effortful workout system in a typical week’s training and he cycles over 150km.
  • He also runs 40km every Saturday morning starting at 2am and does three intensive workout sessions.

Mr Browning – has since become a worldwide hit, appearing at 35 events in 12 countries to share his design with others.


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