Saying ‘Hey Google’ Could Kill Your Android Phone’s Battery

Saying Hey Google Could Kill Your Android Phone Battery

Google Assistant Bug is Causing Battery Drain in Android Phones

Some Android phone and tablet users are reporting a bug with Google Assistant, which causes their device’s screen to stay on indefinitely after hearing ‘Hey Google‘.

Users tried different ways to turn off the screen, it doesn’t work, moreover, the bug is causing the phone’s battery to drain too quickly.



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‘Hey Google’ Bug draining Android Phone Battery Life


There are times when Google Assistant works just fine. It mostly seems to affect Google Pixel and Google Home devices.

Several members from Android Police noticed that their phones and tablets weren’t going back to sleep after ‘Hey Google’ wakeup command was intended for a different device.

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Google hasn’t commented on the problem, and there’s no official statement when it will fix the bug.

For now, Android users who are using Google Assistant should limit their use of Google AI until a fix is announced.

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