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For all iPhone heads,there are two things we can  guarantee are true: wishing your phone was faster and your battery lasted a little longer.As of now,for speed, the new iPhone 7 is one of the fastest phone on the planet, but who would say no to an extra speed boost? And when it comes to older iPhone models, they slow down over the period of time.

There many ways to boost up your iPhone’s speed and extend battery’s life.

It’s time to reveal the hidden tricks to save your iPhone battery and boost your iPhone speed that you might need.



1.Clear Cache(Temporary Stored App Data)

clearing out your phone’s RAM and help speed up performance takes just few minutes.With this trick, which was posted on twitter  a short while ago by IOS app developer Mark Forrest, you can clear your phone’s RAM in just a few seconds of time.

Here’s all you need to do:

Hold down your power button until you see “Slide to power off” at the top of the screen
Then release the power button and hold down your home button for five seconds until the home screen reappears

That’s it! Your iPhone will feel fresh and newer  without having to wait till it reboots.

If not, you can use these best 2 apps to clear cache easily on iPhone


  • Clean junk & temporary files on iPhone
  • Compress/export/delete photos to free up iPhone
  • Manage large files & apps in bulk
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  • Size: 25 MB

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Phone Cleaner

  • Cleanup up your iPhone storage with Phone Cleaner.
  • It is the most efficient way to cleanup storage on your iPhone.
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 23 MB

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2.Background App Refresh(Disable Background Apps Refresh)

Many people don’t know that you’ll continue to get notifications even if you disable Background App Refresh for apps.

Many people think these two are connected but they’re not connected, and background app refresh has a big impact on battery performance.



Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh  and disable it.Apps may take a fraction of a second longer to load , but your battery will thank you.

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3.Uninstal Rarely Used Apps(Unused Apps)

There will always be some apps we install but don’t use them on regular basis or don’t even open them.We’ll pause for a moment to let that sink in.

These will be just extra burden on the performance of the device, we suggest you to uninstall them for better performance of your iPhone.

4.Turn Off The GPS and Bluetooth

Here’s another thing you might not know about your iPhone: your phone tracks your every move and every location you have been in order to record which spots you spend the most time at.


Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, Tap on it, and disable it.

We often forget to off the bluetooth after listening to music,this end of the day effects on the battery life.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Turn Off Bluetooth

5.Disable Animations

Apple’s transition animations in iOS is designed to look terrific when you switch apps and tap on icons to open new app from a home screen, but believe us they also lead in slowing your phone down.You can also check the “Increase Contrast” and “Reduce Transparency” options to boost your battery life a little more.


Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion option > Turn Off

6.Enable Low Power Mode

The little option that pops up to enable Low Power Mode when iphone’s remaining charge gets down to 20% and then also at 10%, but many people are unaware that this feature can be enabled at any time. So, if you’re going out for a long busy day, enabling Low Power Mode can extend your battery life by several hours.


Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

7.check For Updates(Highly Recommended)

Pro Tip: Always check for a newest update for your iPhone.Because the update comes with fixed bugs and improved functions for the iPhone.


Go to settings > Software Update

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