Twitter warns users of serious security breach: millions of accounts under threat

twitter for android malware data theft

Twitter on Friday admitted a malicious code was inserted into its app that may have compromised some users’ information worldwide.

If you use an Android phone and have the Twitter app installed, you are requested to update Twitter for Android app on Google Play Store asap.

Twitter has faced several vulnerabilities on its platform in the recent past.

The company said it does not have direct evidence that malicious code was inserted in to the app or that this vulnerability was exploited, but it can’t be completely sure.

Twitter Advises Users to Update Android App, Fixes Serious Security Vulnerability




Twitter said, “We have taken steps to fix this issue and are directly notifying people who could have been exposed to this vulnerability either through the Twitter app or by email with specific instructions to keep them safe.”


“We’re sorry this happened and will continue working to keep your information secure on Twitter,” said the company in the email sent to the Indian users whos accounts data exploited..


Twitter says that the vulnerability has been patched in the latest version that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Twitter recommended updating to the latest version for Android as the issue did not impact “Twitter for iOS”.


“We’re sorry this happened and will keep working to keep your information secure on Twitter,” is all Twitter has to say.

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