What is ‘One Nation One Card’: All You Need To Know

WHAT IS One Nation One Card rupay

What is ‘One Nation One Card’

One Nation One Card”, is an inter-operable transport card that allows cardholders to pay for their travel, parking charges, toll taxes, retail shopping and even withdraw money.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the indigenously-developed National Common Mobility Card (NCMC). The NCMC card enables users to pay multiple kinds of transport charges, including toll tax and metro services, across the country.

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The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) cards are bank-issued cards on debit/credit/pre-paid card product platform.

What is The Use of One Nation One Card:

A customer can use this single card “One Nation One Card” for making payments anywhere in India. Such as bus, metro, railways, toll plaza, parking, smart city, shopping and even they can withdraw money.

While traveling most of the time we do not have the exact pair to pay. To overcome this issue, an automatic fare collection system was introduced by PM Narendra Modi. The card is called “One Nation One Card”. The card runs on RuPay card and it will eliminate all your travel-related problems.

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What are the benefits of Using “One Nation One Card”

With “One Nation One Card” People can also withdraw money using this Common Mobility Card. This RuPay card can be used for traveling in metro, railways, toll plaza, parking, smart city, and also for shopping metros in any part of the country. In simple terms, we have merged the RuPay card with the mobility card.

What you have to know about the ‘One Nation One Card’:

The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) “One Nation One Card” can be used in many places.

  • The ‘One Nation One Card card’ is similar to any RuPay debit/credit card. The card will be available with more than 25 banks.
  • The ‘One Nation One Card card’ can be used for making payments across all segments. Such as metro, railways, toll plaza, parking, smart city, shopping and even they can withdraw money.
  • The card can also be used for paying at toll plazas and for parking.
  • You can use the card to withdraw money.

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In a major step towards providing seamless urban mobility to commuters across the country, the indigenously developed Automatic Fare Collection Gate ‘Swagat’ & an Open Loop Automatic Fare Collection System ‘Sweekar’ also launched by PM Modi.


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