Why 12 bottles of Wine have been sent to Space

Why 12 bottles of wine have been sent to space

NASA sent 12 Bottles of Wine to Space for Research

You know 12 Bottles of Red Wine Have Been Sent to the International Space Station. But Why.?

Well, it’s actually part of a science experiment conducted by NASA to determine what affects zero gravity and radiation might have on the delicate processes that give a wine its flavor as it ages.



A dozen of red Bordeaux wine bottles are being sent into space to research on its aging process in the space.

Why NASA sent 12 bottles of Wine to Space


Red Bordeaux wine will be kept in space for a year for researchers to study how the weightlessness and space radiation affects the aging process.

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Wine bottles were sent to space in a Northrop Grumman capsule. All the bottles were packed in a metal canister to avoid breaking of the bottles.

The Bordeaux, Germany, Bavaria and France universities are a part of the experiment.

What Will NASA Do With The Experimented wine



According to a company spokeswoman, space-aged wine will be compared to Bordeaux wine aged on Earth. What’s left will go to those who helped with the research.

You can read the full research-related information @ NASA Blog


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It seems NASA is opening the space station to more business opportunities and, eventually, even private astronaut space missions.

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