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Keyboard Shortcuts windows

Here are the generally and mostly required “windows keyboard shortcuts” which includes Function Keys (F1 to F12) , two windows side by side shortcut keys, minimise , maximise, restore, Undo, Redo,print screen  and Shift keys shortcuts. please follow these shortcuts and boost your working performance and these window key shortcut’s  are easily to remember and easy to execute..

Here the most Important Windows-Keyboard Shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcut Action
Window Key + Arrow keys
Windows side-by-side
(Windows key + Right Arrow)
Window Right side
(Windows key + Left Arrow)
Move Current window Lest side
(Windows key + UP Arrow)
Maximise Window
(Windows key + Down Arrow)Minimise Window
Windows+LLocks windows
Windows+MMinimise all windows
Windows + P Extend Screen (Options to multiple Screens) | Duplicate | Projector Visible..
Windows + E File Explorer
Windows key / CTRL + ESCOpen Start Screen
Windows key + U Open the Ease of Access Center
CTRL + Shift + VPaste as plain Text
CTRL + Shift + TRe-Opens close tab
CTRL + DBookmark a webpage
CTRL + P Print Out
CTRL + YUndo an action
CTRL + Z Redo an action

Forced Complete Refresh(Web Page) , Clears the Cache & downloads all contents of the page
F5 Just Refresh
Right Shift(Hold Eight Seconds)Turn Filter Keys on and off
Shift 5 Times Turn Sticky Keys on or off
Num Lock 5 SecondsTurn Toggle Keys on or off
Left Alt+Left Shift+Num LockTurn Mouse Keys on or off
Left Alt+Left Shift+PrtScn (or PrtScn) Turn High Contrast on or off
Function Keys (F1 - F12)
F1 Display Help
F2Rename the selected item
F3 Search(Text / File / Folder)
F4Displays the address bar list in File Explorer
F5Refresh Active Window
F6 Cycle through screen elements in a window / Desktop
Reduce laptop speaker volume (Some Laptops)
F7Generally used for SPELL Check / Grammar Check
Increase laptop speaker volume (some laptops)
F8 To Enter the Windows startup menu & commonly used to access Windows Safe Mode.
To access the Windows recovery system(Require a Windows installation CD)
F9Reduce laptop screen brightness (some laptops)
Send & Receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook
F10Increase laptop screen brightness (some laptops)

To Enter CMOS Setup / To Activate Menu Bar of open application

F11Enter and Exit Full Screen Mode in all modern Internet browsers
F12Inspection Tool
ALT+PRINT SCREEN(Prt Sc Sys Rq)To take complete screenshot of a window

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